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Dear Fellow Self-Defense Enthusiast:

Would you like to take part in the most brutally effective self-defense training today? The foundation of this secret program has been used by the Elite Law Enforcement and Military teams since the 1980’s, and has been featured on numerous TV specials. Even the owner of the hardcore fighting phenomenon like the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Dana White acknowledges that it’s founder is where “reality fighting” all started.

Since then, thousands of martial arts masters have tried desperately to mimic its success and create their own blend of martial arts training, hoping to be even an ounce as successful as it is.

But every single one of them has failed – shamefully.

What made the difference?

It’s not about piling together a bunch of moves and techniques and teachings and naming it after yourself.

It’s about real-life testing – right off the streets, not in a comfy, cushy dojo somewhere.

It’s about following a progressive set of movements that continue to build on each other – reinforcing lasting success.

It’s about honing the critical moves that could save your life – or the life of someone you care about.

It’s about building a repertoire of solid, easy-to-execute techniques that add a whole new dimension to your fighting style.

But Just Learning this program and Actually Mastering it are Two Different Things…

Any wanna-be street fighter can try and teach you a “military based” system… or even a popularly named style. And yeah, you’ll learn a few slick moves and feel pretty confident that you can actually defend yourself.

But when it comes down to a red-hot, bare-knuckle brawl – Could you really win with a couple of ankle-locks and a few square punches?

That’s why – if you want to truly master this Elite system – you have to learn from a master.

And there’s no better person to teach you the methods, moves and “insider tricks” of real street fighting than ONE MAN –

Sifu Matt Numrich.

Sifu Matt – Who some will ask? I’ll understand if you’re new to underground self-defense and Reality Street focused martial arts, and don’t recognize the name. But to Street Fighting enthusiasts, Sifu Matt Numrich is the name to know when it comes to reaching a deeper, more thorough understanding of military battle-tested martial arts program (see him in the above pics teaching a handpicked group of elite students).

Sifu Matt has personally logged over TWENTY THOUSAND teaching hours specializing in this form of self-defense, as opposed to more traditional arts, and even sport centered arts which have cropped up over the last decade. When all the well-known teachers started jumping on the “mixed martial arts” bandwagon, Sifu Matt stayed true to the methods and principles of street focused fighting. He realized there is a huge difference between “cage martial arts or MMA” and real street fighting self-defense. NOT knowing this difference will get you seriously hurt or even killed out in the street.

And it has served him well. You see, Sifu Matt isn’t your ordinary Self-Defense Instructor. He’s the guy who:

  • The US Air Marshals contacted on how to help defend our skies after the September 11th terrorist attacks
  • Has personally taught members of the elite police, military, and other law enforcement agencies
  • Taught the US Army and Navy on several occasions, where in turn they have implemented his system into the Gulf Wars.
  • Sifu Matt Numrich has published articles internationally on self defense for over a DECADE, and has contributed to other self-defense books.
  • Is among only a handful of worldwide instructors specifically interviewed by Black Belt Magazine when it came to understanding Bruce Lee’s contributions to the world of self defense.

And Sifu Matt continues to teach this system to this day in his own personal academies – continually refining his knowledge, honing his moves and standing firm in his belief that anyone – ANYONE, can learn this time-tested art.

And – Just In Case You STILL Think that his system Is Another “MMA Spinoff” That Only Big, Beefy Meatheads Would Be Interested In…

You’d be surprised to know that Sifu Matt has instructed men, women, teenagers, senior citizens, veterans, the disabled and even children in this Ultimate System. Read what these people have to say about Sifu Matt Numrich’s instruction:


“I am a lifelong practitioner of a variety of martial arts. I am the Chief instructor for the New York Police Department and I was impressed by your article in ‘Black Belt Magazine’. I enjoyed your product as well.” – James Shanahan, Chief Instructor of N.Y.P.D

“Opened our eyes”

“I’m writing on behalf of myself and my fellow Marines in Iraq. Thank you for your “gift”. It has opened our eyes toward new fighting strategies as well as personal self-defense.” – Lance Corporal Anthony Delvridge, USMC

“Principles come like second nature”

“You have given me the edge I need when it comes to a confrontation. JKD principles are so easy to remember, they come like second nature. This is so important in my line of work.” – Tom Stephenson, Bouncer

“End any altercation quickly”

“Your instruction is straight to the point for law enforcement and civilians alike, allowing anyone to end any altercation quickly.” – Jason Kohl, Police Officer

The fact is – Doesn’t everyone have the right to protect themselves and those they love? And why shouldn’t everyone get a chance to learn the best possible techniques against an attacker?

There’s Just One Problem…

With all the calls from martial arts experts, magazines and other professionals – not to mention supporting his students and proteges in their training,Sifu Matt’s time has become severely limited.

And since many people live in areas of the world where access to good self-defense training is incredibly hard to find (if not outright BANNED) – Sifu Matt has done the next best thing to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, background, gender, skill level and fitness level – has a “fighting chance”

He’s Bringing His Step-by-Step, One on One Instruction Directly To You – Just Like He is right in the room with you!

It’s called the Fearless Street Fighter program, and it’s the only program that not only shows you the moves, techniques and explanations step by step, but also works with you one on one – just like having an experienced Sifu (teacher) right there with you, showing you the steps you need to know!

He will teach you this information through his patent “Matrix teaching structure”. Don’t let the term “Matrix” scare you – it sounds like a lot to absorb but it’s really an illustration that combines the core training principles of this unique system into one flawless program that will help you achieve true mastery over this proven art.

Each lesson has been carefully crafted NOT just to show you what you need to know, but also to chip away what you DON’T need – the ineffective, outdated, wrong or downright dangerous moves that could pose injury or even death to you.

Sifu Matt doesn’t kid around. He doesn’t delve into the fluffy theory stuff that “might” work. As a Certified Instructor for over 17 years – Matt has finally unlocked the exact secrets you need to become a successful student – in RECORD TIME.

It is not just “what” he teaches in this program, but HOW he teaches it to you.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Just Minutes a Day With the Fearless Street Fighter program:

(And the “How” Is What You Won’t Learn in ANY Other Self Defense Program!)

Each of the 16 Core Instructional Units concentrates on one specialty of self defense. Sifu Matt has broken these down into four categories, consisting of five areas of self-defense:

Each of these DVDs have been professionally recorded in High Definition and edited, so it’s as if you’re standing in the dojo with a highly-skilled expert fighter. Each DVD set is broken down into complete chapters like chunks, so you can listen, learn and practice on the key areas central to your knowledge and development of different key skills.

Kick-Boxing Range

For example, as part of DVDs 1-2, Kick-Boxing Range, you’ll learn:

  • On the first day! UNIQUE tools not taught in any regular kickboxing class!
  • The only three times you can (and should!) hit someone
  • The secret recipe that opens up your opponent any time you want to strike them.
  • The brutal difference between proactive and reactive self defense strategies (knowing these could save your life!)
  • How to beat the toughest street fighters out there by learning to throw a secret move all of the pros use (and why so few people know how to do it right!)
  • How to create lethal “spears” without any material or weapons at hand
  • And much, much more!
Kickboxing Range
Weapons Defense

And speaking of spears, DVDs 3-4 will take you from using your hands and feet as weapons to learning how to properly arm yourself and take down an attacker using ANY weapon available to you – including:

  • The triple threat! URGENT strategies which will change your whole perception of weapons defense!
  • How to use the “50% point” tip to protect yourself from a knife attack
  • How to disarm an attacker instantly with a super-effective and simple hold technique
  • What if they’ve got a gun? How to react to defend yourself and those you love.
  • What hand to hold your weapon on (you’ll definitely be surprised by this one!)
  • The single weapons drill that adds instant effectiveness and deadly accuracy to your footwork, weapons handling and fighting.
  • And much more!

And No, This Isn’t Just Stuff for You to Show Off in Tournaments – It’s About Winning in the game of LIFE.

Ground Fighting  
Ground Fighting

That’s where DVDs 5-6 focusing on Ground Fighting, comes in. You can tackle the biggest, roughest street fighters or so-called “Mixed Martial Arts” fanatics by pitting their moves against them – without the clutter of useless techniques like katas or “tournament safe” moves that do absolutely nothing to help you in a street fight!

Here is what you will learn:

  • With very little work – USEFUL ground moves which are one step “game enders”!
  • How to make use of any position on the ground to defend yourself against heavier or stronger opponents.
  • How to select the very best moves from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Filipino martial arts and use them to your advantage
  • A literal “toolbox” of strikes, submissions and other moves you can use on any attacker who tries to take you to the ground.
  • How to triple the chances that anyone who knocks you down will be trying to claw their way off of you after they see what they’ve started
  • Two easy moves that can help you take an attacker to the ground INSTANTLY.
  • Plus a lot more!

All The Skills You’ll Need to Successfully Wipe Out a Band of Thugs or Defend Yourself in Close Quarters with Ruthless Efficiency!

Close Quarters & Mass Attack
Close Quarters and Mass Attack

I’m talking about things like:

  • ULTRA SPECIAL information not taught in any martial arts school around you, or seen on any youtube videos!
  • The critical move you must make when being attacked by two or more people (and no, it isn’t curling up in a ball and hoping they go away!)
  • The exact formula you can use to take down three attackers using the same moves every time!
  • How to train for “Mass Attack” using deadly-accurate moves that take you into the heart of the fight
  • How “zoning” can help you immediately disable one attacker when three or more are advancing on you from different angles
  • Plus everything you need to know about the elite range of Close Quarters! There is so much more I don’t have time to tell you about!

The fact is – this complete 8 DVD set covers it all, in a way that’s straight forward, effective, and most of all:


Bruce Lee (the one who changed martial arts forever) believed that if you weren’t flexible and changing, you’d never succeed in a street fight. That’s because street fighting doesn’t happen in a dojo or at a tournament. It’s constantly changing, mutating and evolving into forms that are more powerful, and more deadly.

And if you can’t adapt – you’re at a huge risk (not to mention an easy target!)

“Listen to what many of Sifu Matt’s students say about the information he teaches through his curriculum and “in person” training option you’ll learn more about later which changes your life in three short months!:”

The Fearless Street Fighter Evolves and Changes to Meet Your Self-Defense Needs and Give You More than Just a “Fighting Chance”!

By its very nature, a real street fight is flexible and adaptable. You might find yourself face-to-face with a criminal who’s intent on taking your money and your life… The first couple DVD will teach you how to end this fight in 3-5 seconds.

Although it might start as a kick boxing/long ranged fight, what if he pulls a knife – at which you’ll be able to use the weapons training you learned in the second set of DVDs to successfully disarm him.

You may be forced to resort to rough, dirty street fighting that lets you take down your opponent before he knows what hit him… and you’ll learn that set of secret moves in the next set of DVDs.

And if he calls out for his criminal buddies to rush you – you’ll know exactly how to handle and dispatch all of them, just as you’ll learn in the last couple DVDs.

Think about it – An entire self-defense course taught by a master – Sifu Matt Numrich, the very person that karate and self-defense magazines call up when they need a real expert. You’d easily pay $4,000 or more for individualized instruction and lessons. But you can’t put a price on the most valuable thing you’ll be protecting:

Your Life – And The Lives of Those that Depend on You!

So really, you shouldn’t be asking “how much does it cost?” when not being prepared will cost YOU dearly! Even at 75% off his $4,000 fee, this entire fighting course is still not within the range of the average student – especially considering everything you’ll get here:

Complete Program

Fearless Street Fighter Complete Program

As you can see, the 8 DVDs are just a part of the program. Sifu Matt also created the THREE part Manual which he’ll throw in for FREE ($99 value). Here is what this thick book contains:

EDS Fearless Self Defense Manual The Matrix Curriculum – Discover precisely what you’ll be learning, in simple but eye-opening detail with the curriculum overview. Each of the lessons are displayed here, along with information on HOW to do it and WHY – plus how to combine what you’ve learned to reach the coveted “X-Factor” of life saving training. Each curriculum lesson is chapter indexed on the DVDs for easy search and find, saving you tons of time!
EDS Fearless Street Fighter Curriculum Detailed Curriculum Definitions and Descriptions “Cheat Sheet” – Get the most out of your training by learning WHAT you need, plus exactly what drills to do to hone your self-defense skills… Step by Step. Sifu Numrich guides you on explaining exactly what a technique does, as well as the principle behind it – so you’re never left wondering and confused. This “cheat sheet” is brain dead easy to understand, saving you headaches many other programs cause by making their programs disorganized.
EDS Fearless Street Fighter Pictorial Techniques Pictorial Guide – Need a quick refresher on how to perform a certain move but don’t want to rewatch the video? This image chart shows you every move reference in the videos in full color with easy to follow reference codes, so you’ll know exactly where to find it, and exactly how to execute it flawlessly.

You’ll be able to download this Manual, Cheat Sheets and Pictorial Guides immediately when you order via downloadable e-Book in PDF format. What other program teaches its information through video, written instruction and pictures? Can you now understand why this program is ground breaking? But there is more…


Because of the overwhelming amount of info taught in the program, Sifu Matt hesitated giving it all to you at once!!!

He takes all of the guess work out of what to do today, tomorrow – or next week. You’ll get the exact amount of info you’ll need for that lesson – and NOT an ounce more which might confuse you.

Whichever pace you learn from, Sifu Matt will personally lead you through:

  • The training videos covering each lesson
  • Detailed Curriculums, Definitions and Descriptions in written form
  • Guide Pictures for each and every technique, drill and concept
  • And much more!
You’ll be able to download the Videos, Cheat Sheets and Pictorial Guides immediately when you purchase the program. This is 100x’s better than carrying around, damaging and eventually losing DVDs. Everything will be accessible through the web and your personal password which we’ll email to you – so you can get the info where ever you are and whenever you want!

JUST UPDATED! We’ve made these videos viewable through your mobile devices, smart cell phones and tablets (i.e. iPad) That means you can take your personal “Sifu”, instruction and lessons with you anywhere!

That means you can be learning in 5 minutes from right now!

Want more? How about these six MUST-HAVE bonuses:


Here is the catch…

Because there are additional secret extras involved with this program, Sifu Matt has to limit the amount of active students he has with the program. Sifu Matt focuses on the quality, not quantity. He does this to make sure everyone who purchases the program has direct access to him for questions, tips and even more training! What course can even think of delivering that kind of quality and value? None!

The Complete Program isn’t going to cost you $4,000, or even $1,000 (even though it is easily worth that). The Complete program with all of the videos on the 8 DVDs, Manual, Curriculum, Pictorial Guide and tons of extras you see below (plus more we didn’t list) can be yours.

The catch is that because we focus on quality, not taking in tons of online students, our openings are limited and rare. If the buy buttons below go to a payment page it means we’re open. If not, our new group of online students are closed. 


***I look forward to having you as one of my online students, as well as look forward to seeing your confidence and skills transform faster than you ever thought possible!

Fight Fearless,

Sifu Matt Numrich


Here are what still others are saying about Sifu Matt Numrich, his organization Elite Defense Systems and the training

“Already lost 5lbs”

“I’ve been very happy with the program and what I’ve learned so far. I’ve already lost 5 lbs.” – Jonathan T. Aguilar, 36

“Easy yet Effective”

“Well, there were many things that I liked about the program! I like that fact that it’s easy yet very effective. Most of what we learn in Special Forces is more defensive, and you can’t spar with it. Sifu Matt’s program gives you everything!” – Joe Dulmage, Special Forces Solider

“Program motivate me to lose weight”

“I’m 44 years old. I have been taking these classes through Matt. When I started I weighed 196. I now weigh 166. I lost it because the program motivated me. I was sick of only being able to wrestle for 30 seconds before I needed paramedic attention. I don’t have to sit around and waste time learning useless history about some Asian emperor who, 1000 years ago, authorized use of the martial arts for the select few. Really, who cares about that?” – Bob Miller, County Judge

“Extremely Satisfied”

“I would like to add that I am extremely satisfied the quality of the program… very pleased with the overall experience. You run a very good business and I am glad to be part of it.” – Steve Munerantz, 27

“Highly recommended for both men and women”

“My name is Dave Lamoso, I began with EDS in May. When I finally looked into it I decided to give it a try. For health reasons, to lose weight, and to sharpen my fighting techniques. It has been very beneficial. I feel a lot better and healthier overall. When I began this program I weighed in at 236 lbs. Because of continuing programs at EDS, I now weigh in at 198 lbs. I have stopped smoking cigarettes since I have started this program. I will be able to keep my weight under control with the exercise and workouts that I get through EDS. I feel so much better about myself now, I weigh less and I feel a lot stronger. Before I started this program I was always tired and lazy (fatigued). I now have an over abundance of energy. I feel great over all. I have made this a permanent part of my life, I fit my this program in my everyday schedule. I feel guilty if I miss one day. I would highly recommend this program to both men and women.” – Dave Lamoso, 43


“It was good to touch base with you yesterday. I was just talking with my wife yesterday at how thankful I was to have encountered certain people who have influenced me in a positive and profound way, such as my father, a few important Football coaches, and of course Sifu Master Numrich. Seriously, credit is due where credit is deserved. Thanks for all of your teachings and friendship, as it has been such a positive force in my life. Not to mention the confidence that I have IF I ever get in to a physical confrontation with someone…..let’s just say that I “Pity the fool” who messes with the “Stallion”! Seriously, I just wanted to thank you again, as I don’t forget important things, and it is all much appreciated!” – Mark, Home Inspector and MMA Competitor

“More challenging than expected”

“Awesome program! I wasn’t sure what to expect but it met and exceeded what I wished to get out of it. It was more challenging than I expected… and I expected it to be very challenging!!!” – Eric Peterson, Veterinarian Assistant

“Totally worth it”

“Hey everybody. I just wanted to say this program really works. I have only been taking this program for one month and I feel I have already learned a lot. It was one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced. If I could take a test with only one month’s worth of experience, I feel like I can do anything. This has been totally worth it. Thanks for everything.” – Reinier Marfil

“The cardio and work out are killers”

“Sifu Matt…I love taking your program…the cardio and work out you give us is a killer and that is just what I am looking for each week. Do I even need to say anything about the knowledge you provide your students and staff with. Thanks to all at EDS!!!” – Brian McDougall, Manager

“A humbling experience”

“I would have to call the program a very humbling experience. The people are great and I’m really enjoying it.” – Rob Lowery

“Bring pride in continuing tradition”

“Emil Bautista here, a student of Adriano D. Emperado, Kajukenbo and I wish to thank you for helping me recognize Michael McDaniel’s rank within the art he studied with you while in Chicago. This is important to me because he has shown great talent but I unsure as to where he belonged as respect to Kajukenbo and your art. I wanted the students here to respect Michael and also his rank in your art as well as his rank in Kajukenbo. I know where he fits in with respect to our art of Kajukenbo, but not what he studied with you. I knew he was very knowledgeable in your art and I felt he should have something to show for it. But I am not in the habit of going behind anyone’s back and giving rank in any other art but the one I am qualified for {Kajukenbo}. Michael has helped tremendously with our grappling program and has helped many of our students to win competitions and feel better about themselves with respect to grappling. This is something that was missing from our program and I am very grateful to Michael for sharing his knowledge with us. Our Kajukenbo ranking goes like this; white, purple, blue, green, brown and black and this can take about three to four years to get through the ranks. I know it’s different with your style as Michael has explained to me. I just wanted you to know how very proud I am of Michael and all he has accomplished here. The students really like him and he has a good following for his classes. Please know that Michael is carrying on your tradition very admirably, that I am proud of him and honored that he came from you.” – Grandmaster Emil Bautista, who had one of our students join his school after a move

“Feel energized”

“I had an especially good work out last night. That energized feeling you get the next day after a good hard work out is awesome. Add that to the nice end of summer weather we have today and things are shaping up to be a great day. Just thought I would share.” – Jim McCoy, Attorney

“Great team building and camaraderie”

“My best moment so far had to be this past Tuesday night. I have not had that much fun in a long time. The fun began from the beginning of program. I thought the next day I was not going to be able to work due to the intensity of the class; however, I actually felt like a million bucks the next day. It is funny how a fun evening of getting it handed to me led me to be more active and mentally focused in my professional and personal life. I feel alive again wanting to do more. I can already tell that my wife and daughter can see a change in my attitude. So far I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with this program.” – Jignesh M. Patel, Dentist


“The lesson was excellent, it helped to review, a few things I think I saw and some feedback from you. Great job and excellent program!” – Jim Kennon, 63, Financial Planner

“No regrets”

“Everything is going great. The lessons are what I was hoping for and more. So I am very pleased with my decision to buy your program.” – Jose Mata, Manager

“Felt comfortable even though I’m still very new”

“It was a great experience Matt. I felt very comfortable even though I’m still very new. I particularly enjoyed the way the info is presented.” – Mike Baldwin, Business Owner

“Worth more than people pay for it”

“The training is worth more than people pay for it, and is the most practical self defense I have seen. I would recommend it to anyone.” – Sam Louflen, student

“Tons of great information”

“Just wanted to say I had a great time. Learned a lot of great information. I wished i had known the curriculum ten years ago, when i was working as bartender at a local pool hall in the city. But that’s another story. Once again thank you for the opportunity to learn this information.” – Marc Johnson, bouncer

“Let go of frustrations go and learn”

“I would like to thank you and EDS. Recently I have felt that life has went full circle and have never felt better.. Less stress and really enjoying life.. Hey I have lost 20 pounds doing it.. Work is going good. Family and friends are great.. and found a great person to share everything, we found each other and WoW… The Lord works in really mysterious ways and I am glad he guided me thru this.” – Beny Rivera, Computer Systems Tech

“He truly cares for my best interest”

“I did a lot of research in the area martial arts programs, and after visiting and trying out various places, I enrolled with Matt Numrich and EDS about 2 years ago. I am extremely happy to report that I made a right choice then, and that even now this is the most perfect program for someone like me. Apart from childhood interest in Martial Arts, I did not have any background in it so I was a total novice. Sifu Numrich and the EDS staff have been able to patiently guide me and train me in all kinds of techniques and skills with personalized attention and guidance, so that now I am at the intermediate level. Being a professional musician and artist who draws from global musical backgrounds, I truly appreciate that Sifu Numrich has in-depth knowledge of all the self defense and fighting styles, and is able to bring the best of it all together in a true continuum of Bruce Lee’s concept and philosophy. I also feel that Sifu Numrich has taken personal interest in making me reach my goals of physical abilities and martial arts skills, as well as, he truly cares for my best interest, and that he has made a positive impact on my life.” – Kalyan Pathak

“I am still blown away by EDS”

“I have been through several martial arts programs through my time with equal time in and out of them. So far I am still blown away by EDS. Every day I come in that I will learn or improve on something new. In too many places have I got away unknowingly busting out repetitions incorrectly unnoticed or unhindered by the instructor. Not so at EDS. With the assortment of instructors and advanced students or even beginners hell-bent on learning, improper technique will get you corrected quickly. The free use of tools that is allowed by Bruce’s concept is a odd but welcome change to the traditional arts where stance limits your selection of kicks and punches. I particularly like that the concepts we use are explained over and over again end even if I might have understood it the first two times around, the third time I might notice a little tweak to the technique that will improve it for me. Thank you for making this a great experience.” – Marcin Krzeminski, 33

“Even after almost 8 years”

“I wanted to write you this letter to give thanks to you, because unbeknown to you, have been a mental mentor over the years. Even after almost 8 years I still think back to the training EDS has provided, not just the techniques but mainly the mental capacity. So I wanted to give you the best of luck to you for your recovery and to your good health.” – Chris A. Santi, past student

“Inspiration in a difficult time”

“I just got back from a funeral of a very old and close friend of mine. He had just committed suicide. His death made me feel lost and confused as to how we are to direct our own lives when death reaches us all, regardless of our purpose. Then I started to read your blog and realized that direction of life starts with our own health. Just wanted to say thank you for the words of inspiration in a difficult time.” – Raymond Rimocal

“Great program that it is”

“I was feeling a bit bummed about missing a whole month of training due to work and vacationing with the family, and I was about to ask Sifu Numrich about any possibility of giving me one hour of training to catch me up on the curriculum that I missed. I also want to thank everyone at EDS for making it a great program that it is.” – Kalyan Pathak (second email he wrote in)

“This guy threw 6 punches and never made contact”

“Matt, I got in an altercation with an aggressive guest last night at my restaurant. This guy had about 60lbs on me and was 6 feet tall compared to my 5′ 6″. Thanks to you, this guy threw 6 punches which never made contact. It took 15 to 20 seconds and the fight was over. I can tell you that this guy had no clue what happened to him.” – Walter G. Paiz, Restaurant Manager

“Principles come like second nature”

“Elite Defense Systems has given me the edge I need when comes to a confrontation. Principles are so easy to remember, they come like second nature. This is so important in my line of work. .” – Tom Stephenson, Bouncer

“End any altercation quickly”

“Sifu Matt is straight to the point for law enforcement and civilians alike, allowing anyone to end any altercation quickly.” – Jason Kohl, Police Officer

“My life has totally changed”

“My life has totally changed. You have helped me with my self-confidence & self-awareness. Thanks for being such a positive person in my life.” – Carrie Connors, Teacher

“Price is unbeatable”

“The instruction is of the highest quality, and the price is unbeatable in comparison to other programs.” – Jake Nuesser, 28, Graphic Artist

“I have lost over 15 pounds”

“I needed something other than the boring routine of a health club to get in shape. Since joining classes I have lost over 15 pounds which has made me feel incredible! As a bonus I have greatly improved my cardio and flexibility.” – George Boutsikakis, 43

“Exceeded my expectations”

“I strongly believe every woman should know how to protect herself. Training through Elite Defense Systems helped me gain the physical skills of self-defense along with the mental attributes to avoid conflict. The classes are taught in a fun, informative and non threatening environment by instructors who’s knowledge and skill level exceeded my expectations.” – Susan Mueller, Mother

“Given me more confidence than I have ever had”

“Elite Defense Systems has given me more confidence than I have ever had. Of course I would not have the confidence or the knowledge if it weren’t for the E.D.S. instructors, who are always willing to help and always very patient when teaching new information.” – Christine Tomczak, 26